The company was started by William Moore in 1946 when he was made redundant from the English Electric Co. and vowed that he would work for himself from that day on!

In a Nissan hut with a coke furnace, foot bellows and a crucible, in his back garden at 35, Tudor Avenue, Preston, William started making aluminium die castings the most notable of which were the Sambo & Diana piggy banks.

Then came the birth of the Bond Minicar, and along with Mr. George Scholes a master pattern maker and engineer, William tendered successfully to supply all the aluminium diecastings needed for the Bond Mini.

The company of Moore and Scholes was formed and moved to Gillibrand t. Walton le dale into a much larger Nissan hut!

However supply to bond Minicars outstripped this buildings capacity. So a new brick building was built by Frank Conway & Co on the existing site comprising of a machine shop and a foundry.

The company progressed rapidly and soon employed over 30 staff, but the demand sadly for the bond Minicar went into decline so the company decided to look into other markets.

Because of the flourishing cotton trade in the area William & George decided to manufacture Aluminium Vee pulleys both standard & bespoke to service this industry.

In 1954 a shop was purchased on Park Road Preston - now the ring road, and it supplied all types of transmission equipment, William was the salesman, whilst George controlled all the manufacturing in Walton le Dale

This venture proved to be a great success but customers started to ask for tools, fastenings and ironmongery, - so William not being one to ever turn down business went to Government surplus sales and bought as many tools and equipment as they could possibly afford and soon this shop was full to the rafters!

In July 1961 Rodney Moore who had served his time at English Electric left to work in the family firm and after a short time in the manufacturing side of the company was sent out as a representative to sell the manufactured commodities which now included Woodworking and DIY equipment with the brand name of Skomo.

Sadly in 1962 George Scholes passed away which left William and his son Rodney to carry on with the business.

In 1963 hearing that the Guild Cinema was for sale - William went out and bought it, lock stock and barrel without a word to anyone.

William had quietly done a deal with a local entrepeneur to sell him all the ornate cast iron cinema seat frames, the seat cushions and backs were sold to a local chair maker.

When this task was completed, William announced that the council had issued a compulsory purchase order for the shop on park road, so Rodney and Bill Horne set about demolishing the balcony in the Guild Cinema, and after levelling the cinema floor erected a second floor and created the shell for the subsequent move from Park Road to Geoffrey Street.

The company title was changed to William Moore & Son (Preston) Ltd and remains so today.

The company then went into industrial equipment supplies, selling a wide variety of tools both wholsale and retail, and progressed in this way until august 1970 when, after a very short illness, William Moore sadly succumbed to cancer.

Rodney was then left to run the whole company both manufacturing and tool distribution which proved uneconomical so a decision was made to close the manufacturing side in Walton Le Dale and invest the proceeds in the industrial distribution side of the business.

This proved to be a success, the company diversified into industrial and retail supplies and in 1990 and 1991 Marcus and Gary Moore joined the business.

With this added help and also the support of loyal staff, Robin (1961) - Steve, (1961) - Agnes, (1963) - and Stewart, (1974) the company went from strength to strength until the night of October 7th 1998.

Rodney and his wife Kathleen had been out for a meal with friends to celebrate Kathleen’s birthday, when they received a phone call around midnight from the police telling them that the whole of the Geoffrey St. Warehouse was ablaze!

Rodney was driven by Gary to the fire and they could only watch helplessly as 52 years of hard family endeavour was destroyed by what transpired to be a stupid act of arson.

On seeing all the faces of the staff the following morning Rodney and his family (Marcus was on holiday and was unaware that anything was wrong!) decided that they would not be beaten and would rise from the ashes like the Phoenix

All the staff were moved to the family house in Fulwood and business recommenced one day later on emergency phones and temporary benches in the garage!

After meetings with insurers and loss adjusters Rodney set out to locate new premises, whilst Gary, Marcus and the staff continued the business.

The search eventually led them to part of their present premises in Ribbleton Lane due to Kathleen noticing that unit 3 was to let. A rental agreement was reached and the business was transferred in November 1998.

From November 1998 to September 1999 the company aquired all the units on the site and with major reconstruction merged the three units into one which has evolved into the company of today with 18000 sq ft of warehousing and an 8000sq ft car park

William Moore and Son (Preston) Ltd had at last risen from the ashes of that terrible night in October 1998

In January 2004 after 43 years Rodney retired.

Gary and Marcus are now joint Managing Directors of the company which now sells industrial supplies both retail and trade in the Lancashire area, and is creating a brand new website to offer over 17000 stock lines for immediate supply both locally and nationwide.

Some of the products and brands available at the new website include:

Festool Power Tools, Bosch Power Tools & Hitachi Power Tools

Safety Signs, Safety Boots & High Visibility Clothing

Circular Saws, Band Saws & Nail Guns
A Wide Variety Of Cleaning Products
And many more.