Alfra Power Tools

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Alfra is a trusted name in power tools. These power tools are used in many industries and are depended upon for reliable service. Alfra will not disappoint.

Alfra has a strong selection of hydraulic punching units and hydraulic pumps. The Alfra APS 70 is just a step up with many of the APS 60 features in addition to a depth fence and suspension hook. The punch stroke is also 16mm but with a throat depth of 70mm and a punching power of 30t.

A larger and heavier Alfra hydraulic punching unit that has an automatic return stroke is the APS 120. With a throat depth of 110mm, punching power of 44t and punch stroke of 25mm this press has a lot more power and energy. It only takes a few seconds longer to get the job done with this tool, however, this press is made to work on larger jobs.

Alfra also has two varieties of hydraulic pumps. The SC 05 II is just one of these pumps. The weight of this particular pump which includes the oil and roll bar is only 29 kg. The oil quantity in this model is 5 l with a single phase motor 1500 rpm that is 550 W 110v and 230v 50 HZ.

Alfra Power Tools From Tool Gurus

The other Alfra hydraulic pump is the SC 17. This pump has been developed to greatly reduce punching time. It can be used suitably in the workshop. The SC 17 oil quantity is 17 l with a single phase motor 1450 rpm that is 1500 W 110v and 230v 50 HZ. This updated model is also complete with a control and switch box.

For use on the Apfra press hydraulic punching units Alfra also offers spring hoists. These hoists all have a blocking device, length of cable 2M and a spring fracture safety device. The three types of spring hoists are 9362B which is 15-20 kg, 9363B which is 20-25 kg and the 9366B which is 35-45 kg.

An energy and time saving cart called the Service Boy, works equally well with the three hydraulic punching units of APS 60, 70 and 120. This Alfra Service Boy will make the handling of the punching units much more comfortable. Even when the punching units are already being used, this is a necessity for a structural steel worker to have and to use. The Service Boy has a tool cabinet and drawers so that the punching tools and accessories are neatly arranged. It is easier to push the hydraulic pump on the Service Boy than carrying it around. The punching head at the steel grinder is easily positioned because of the gas pressure shock absorber. This cart has a TuV certificate which means it has been tested by the German Technical Supervision Authority for durability and safety.