Armeg Drill Bits

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Armeg is not only the UK's sole producer of SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits, they are also an award winning manufacturer of power tools that export to over 30 countries around the worl. Their specialty in solving problems during drilling applications has sky-rocketed the Armeg reputation for quality since they first formed in Dronfield in 1973.

What puts Armeg tools above their competitors' is the product quality. They are designed for ultimate performance, speed, strength, and life expectancy. The innovative designs are tested on high-tech computerized devices to ensure that it will exceed the customers' expectation.

Another factor that sets Armeg apart is their customer service capability. They keep a great number of each product in stock so that customers can receive their tool in time to complete whatever job they may need it for. Armeg also has a customer service support center that promises a quick response and technical support. Not all the customers are experts on the tools, but those waiting to answer calls can walk anyone through any problem.

The Armeg heavy duty core drill is one of their most popular products. Because it is made from solid steel stock, it is tough enough to drill holes that are up to 6" in diameter. The heavy duty core drill can even drill through concrete and other masonry materials. The versatility of this power tool is another factor that brings it to the top of the list. Extension rods, adaptors, extractor drifts, and pilot drills can be purchased in addition to the tool to expand its capability. With these accessories, users can switch machines, lengths, diameters, and more to suit their exact need.

Armeg Accessories From Tool Gurus

For those who appreciate all the qualities of the heavy duty core drill but do not feel as though they need quite that much power behind their projects, Armeg also offers lightweight core drills. These drills have similar extensions and capabilities, but are more suited to indoor projects. While they cannot drill through solid concrete, they durability and power in other projects cannot be matched.

Armeg has a variety of other drills, as well. They have drills made specifically for tiling floors, drills for especially deep holes, and even drills that can work on an angle. It may seem difficult to pick out which power drill will best suit an individual need, but that is part of the outstanding customer service Armeg provides. They can help customers pick out which tool will work best for what they need.

While drills and drill accessories are what made Armeg famous, they do have a wide range of other products. An electrical category offers electrical chisels, electrical box sinkers, and various cutters and cables. Armeg also offers plumbing tools, such as wrenches, jaw droppers, and the grip fast. Armeg products can assist with every project in every room of the house.

Armeg products offer reliability, accessibility, and renowned customer service. This company did not rise to the top by shirking responsibility. They created dependable products and continue to release innovative tools that keep them on top.