B2002 Aluminium Epoxy Stick

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Bondloc B2002 Aluminium Epoxy 50g aluminium epoxy stick.

Aluminium epoxy stick. After mixing it moulds like clay.

After proper mixing, Aluminium Stick moulds like clay and may be used to permanently patch dents, scratches, cuts, gouges and holes in items such as Housings and all types of repairs to mouldings and injection type shapes. Aluminium Stick is ideal for making emergency repairs to reforming, rebuilding and patching anything made out of aluminium such as: HVAC parts, REFRIGERATION units, Air Conditioning units, machine parts, Alu-Roofing and Siding, Flagpoles, Shelving, Platforms, Walkways, Campers, Road Vehicles, Canopies, Gutters, Truck and Trailer Bodies, Wheels, Manifolds, Stripped Threads, Marine Hardware and Casings.

Clam pack.