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Over a century of excellence

Founded over 100 years ago by a guy who saw a need to fill, Chicago Pneumatic has a strong history of constantly looking for new ways to meet your needs, today and tomorrow.

Way back in 1889 John W. Duntley realized that construction workers in particular had a need for many tools that weren’t yet available. He founded Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company and set out on a lifelong mission to provide all types of industries and companies the tools necessary for their success.

Over the years Duntley grew the company through product innovation, always insisting on product quality and reliability. The name Chicago Pneumatic became known and appreciated by workers around the world for durable, reliable tools that made tough jobs easier and were designed to meet specific needs.

Today, Chicago Pneumatic is a global brand that offers tools for almost every industry and countless applications. And we’re proud to say Chicago Pneumatic still stands for reliability, durability and customer value. To read more about some of our innovations over the decades, check out Decades of innovation , below.

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Chicago Pneumatic knows that a homeowner can’t really function without a power drill and theirs have drilling capacities from six to 13 mm. They also come with straight, angled and pistol grips.

Grinders help tools last longer by polishing, sharpening and cleaning them. Chicago Pneumatic’s grinders include pencil, die and angle grinders from 50 mm to 180 mm. Their new CP3451 grinder has an optional silencer, safety lever, soft grip extensions and elastic collets that can come in six mm and eight mm sizes.

Sanders and Polishers
Sanders and polishers help the home woodworker add the finishing touch to their work. Chicago Pneumatic offers pistol sanders and polishers, random orbital and rotary sanders and belt sanders. They have recently introduced the CP7225 and CP7255 75 mm sanders. These sanders come in the central and non-vacuum, PSA and hook and loop versions and are easy to maintain. At 75 decibels they're fairly quiet to operate as well.

Hammers and Scalers
A power hammer is meant to bore into masonry with ease or chisel or gouge out hard and dense materials. Chicago Pneumatic’s scalers can be needle type or long reach, or used for rust and welding.

Rivets are used to fasten sheets of metal together and the power tool that does this has to be not only sturdy, but easy to handle. Chicago Pneumatic now has the CP9883 and CP9884 air riveters, which weigh only 1.46 kg, have six nose types, and are excellent for most light industry jobs.

Chicago Pneumatic’s Blue Tork: CP7600 range of air wrenches is powerful enough to tighten up lug nuts and bolts on the wheels of buses and trucks and other large and heavy vehicles safely and efficiently. It should also be good for the tires of the family motorhome.

Chicago Pneumatic provides accessories for their power tools such as hoses and hose reels, balancers, abrasives, chisels and many kinds of bits for screwdrivers. They also sell gloves and tool holders. They've also just introduced their new Airolene Plus tool oil. This oil is biodegradable and resists frost, which is important when power and pneumatic tools are used in cold weather.

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