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Professional tradesmen and craftsmen choose C.K. for the highest quality tools available anywhere. With a reputation for excellence, C.K. has provided essential hand tools for builders, plumbers and electricians for more than 100 years. You do not have to be a professional to appreciate the perfect designs that C.K. produces. Anyone who wants the proper tool for a particular job benefits from the superior performance that characterizes the company’s products.

The product line includes a wide variety of hammers, screwdrivers, chisels and trowels for the builder. Pipe cutters, Stillson wrenches and spanners lead the list of important items for the plumber. Equipment for the electrician includes cable strippers, cable cutters, switch keys and punch down tools. Many other tools that tradesmen use every day make up the full catalog of C.K. products.

C.K. relies on the experience of knowledgeable tradesmen to fashion the designs that make their tools the choice of professionals. Their research into tool design focuses on making a tool that is easy to use and comfortable to hold while accomplishing the task that needs to get done.

Tool Gurus Has The latest C.K Tools For You

Attention to detail stands out as a matter of great importance in the development of the design of all tools.

The screwdriver has received the full attention of the designers to create the most effective handle and blade for each model. The grip and the turning force that can effect movement of an object make the difference in how well the screwdriver works. Hammers also use the soft grip that C.K. developed, and it makes a long day on the job a much easier task with a handle that fits comfortably in the hand. All products use an ergonomic design that has the benefit of scientific research for ease of use. The innovations developed by C.K. after years of research keep the needs of the professional tradesman or the average home owner in the forefront of their concerns.

A complete line of tool kits makes the selection of an array of tools an easy matter. The premium kit for the electrician includes side cutters, combination pliers, screwdrivers, knife and a mini-hacksaw among other typically essential pieces. Every hand tool that you require for a small precision job or a major one carries the world famous name of C.K. The insulated grip adds a tremendous level of safety to avoid and prevent accidents.
The line also includes a wide variety of drill bits for masonry and metal as well as wood. Each has the distinction of a finely crafted and durable product that holds up for any job that you ask it to do.

It has been said that a poor workman complains of his tools, but that cannot happen when the workman makes C.K. the tool of choice. These tools can do any job under any condition, helping the tradesman to accomplish the job on time and on budget. A good tool helps anyone work effectively. Help yourself to a professional line of hand tools to get your job done right. C.K. tools set the standard for excellence, and they can belong to you.