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Choose from Facom's wide selection of quality tools for mechanics and tradesmen. The line of tools includes torque screwdrivers, cutters and blades, hydraulic pliers and ratchets. The company also makes plumbing tools and mechanics tool chests on wheels.
The torque screwdrivers provide an invaluable aid in measuring and controlling the proper amount of force applied to an object. When you use it, you cannot apply too much force. The tool is built with a clutch that is set to allow a set amount of torque, and it disengages when the force you are applying reaches a pre-set limit. You can set the torque to allow tolerance of a few ounces to many pounds.

High Quality Facom Tools From Tool Gurus

Facom hydraulic pliers have specialized uses as crimping tools. You can use them particularly for affixing copper or other metals onto electronic circuit boards where a certain level of pressure is needed. They are also helpful in crimping hoses on auto air conditioning dystems. The extra force supplied by the hydraulic capability makes a job possible when it cannot get done any other way. The standard pliers are high strength and also easy to hold. They are light weight so you do not tire of using them or carrying them on your tool belt.
The quality ratchets developed by Facom have a devoted following all over the world. The ratchet wrench is a very clever tool that makes use of a lever and a one-way mechanism. You get the strength available from the use of a lever to apply torque to the object that you need to turn, and you get the convenience of the one-way rewind. When you reach the end of one turn, you can just return to the start position without removing the tool and reattaching it. The Facom ratchets are tremendous time savers and they make a wonderful addition to anyone’s tool box. Some owners are particularly glad to use the ratchets because the fine-teeth in them are a pleasure to use.
One of the Facom rolling tool boxes contains an 83 piece starter set that gets you off to a good start. The quality tools carry the lifetime guarantee, a sure sign that you can have these tools for your whole career. Other rolling kits have 128 pieces or 186 pieces for the more advanced mechanic. Anyone who has worked in a shop can attest to the fact that the tool collection is the heart of the shop. When you have the right tool for the job, it is a joy to do the work. When you do not have the right tool, then the job is difficult and it takes too long.
When you make an investment in a quality tool, you know that you are buying something that serves you well and lasts a long time. You add to your collection of tools so that you can expand your business and attract more customers. Your tools determine what kind of work your shop can effectively do.
Facom is an excellent choice for you to consider as you expand your tool collection. The company is the most known brand of hand tools that are made in Europe, and they are distributed in the United States. They are worth seeking out, because they have a name and reputation that is respected by everyone who knows quality when they see it.