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Fein is a well-known and popular brand of power tools. It is also an award-winning brand. In 2001, Fein took the Tool of the Year award for its' No. 1 tool in the angle grinder category. This award winner was the WSB 20-180/230 angle grinder. This was the fourth time that Fein has won the Tool of the Year award. The ASW 12-18 cordless torque wrench used mainly in auto assembly lines won two awards in 2002. It won the iF Design Award and the Reddot Award.

Fein Power Tools From Tool Gurus

You know that Fein has been around for over 140 years when they were founded by Wilhelm Emil Fein and brother Carl way back in 1867. The world's first power tool was an electric hand drill which was created by Wilhelm in 1895. Power tools had just begun, and Fein was the very beginning of these important tools. Now Fein has a positive international reputation as a power tool manufacturer that produces professional tools for industrial, automotive and craftsmen work.

The brand of Fein stands for quality, application solutions and safety. The proof is in the demand that these power tools have. Just an example of the many power tools that they have available are cordless devices, drilling tools, fastening tools, grinding tools, sewing and cutting tools, surface processing, oscillating tools, high frequency tools, and several others.