GearWrench Tools

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GearWrench is a company that is a registered trademark of the Apex Tool Group. The Apex Tool Group is actually one of the biggest manufacturers of hand tools in the world. GearWrench is based in Sparks, Maryland. This is the company that launched the unique 50 ratcheting wrench. The 50 ratcheting wrench is a patented product. In addition, GearWrench is the company that led the manufacturing of ratchets, screwdrivers, sockets, nut drivers, specialty tools and pliers for many years. GearWrench currently features over seventy million different products. All of these products have been tested by professionals all around the world. Most of the products that are offered by GearWrench feature a lifetime warranty.

GearWrench Tools From Tool Gurus

Products that are Offered by GearWrench

GearWrench offers many different products. These products include bit sockets, specialty sockets, ratchets, plain sockets, extensions, wrenches, adapters, torque wrenches, nut drivers, screwdrivers, specialty tools and pliers. This company also offers the XL Pass-Thru System.