Gedore Tools

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Gedore is a tool company with headquarters in Remscheid, Germany. Gedore’s head production facilities are also in Remscheid, Germany. Gedore currently has eight different manufacturing facilities. These facilities are in South Africa, Brazil, Austria and the Solingen-Waldirken region. In addition, Gedore has a United States distribution facility in Charleston, South Carolina.

Gedore is a company that has been manufacturing and designing various hand tools for over ninety years. In addition, Gedore offers their products in over seventy different countries. In order to maintain and create their tools, this company invests in the latest production technology. This is to ensure safety for Gedore employees and Gedore customers.

Gedore A Brand You Can Trust

Gedore take pride in the manufacturing process of Gedore tools. The latest in production technology is used to create tools for almost any industry. With these tools available in over seventy countries worldwide, there is no doubt that Gedore is a growing and trustworthy company.