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Choose Karcher brand when you need a gas-driven power washer or an electric one for tough outdoor cleaning jobs. Karcher has an excellent reputation as the leading provider of power cleaning equipment, so choose the best machine for the most effective results from your efforts. Some washers have features that are particularly appropriate for use by home owners while others meet the more rigorous needs of professionals in the field. With a wide variety of models to choose from, you can find just the right one for the job you have to do.
When you need to clean a surface so that it looks spotless, you can rely on the effectiveness of a Karcher power washer. You can see the tremendous difference it makes as you move the wand over a dirty area. Dirt, grime and algae vanish with just a sweep of the wand. Few things give you such good results for so little effort. As an inventive home owner, you can find many uses for a power washer once you have it in your possession. It is fun to use, and you can accomplish many chores with it.

High Quality Karcher Equipment From Tool Gurus

Power washers for residential use have spraying capabilities that range from 1400 psi up to 2000 psi. Many jobs can successfully use electric models, and there are many advantages to doing so. They are lighter weight than the gas-powered machines yet they deliver all the cleaning force that you need. For a routine maintenance project by a homeowner such as cleaning a deck, gutters or the siding on your house, this type of machine works excellently. You may enjoy the benefits of using a quiet machine that does not produce smoke or fumes while you do the work. And they are easy to start every time. Generally, electric washers cost less than the gas- powered machines and they deliver a terrific value.
Professional grade power washers have extremely high levels of cleaning ability, ranging up to 4000 psi. Professionals know to rely on the Karcher brand for equipment that works well for all types of jobs. With no electric cord to deal with, the gas-powered washer does not have limitations on where you can take it. With the high level of pressure produced in these machines, you are prepared to handle big and dirty jobs with no problem. Machines with this kind of power belong to the professionals, as they can deliver enough force that should observe cautions. With the proper technique and knowledge, you can use this machine to pressure wash your house as routine maintenance between paint jobs. For sure, you can use it to prepare your house for the next time you want to paint it.
Karcher makes the most popular pressure washers on the market today. When you invest in a power tool for your home or business, choose the one that has a proven track record of satisfaction. They are carefully constructed of the best materials, and they provide the dependable service that you expect and deserve.