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Milwaukee makes the toughest equipment on the market for plumbers, electricians and contractors in a respected line that includes more than 500 power tool products. If you need a heavy duty tool that works without fail and does everything you ask of it and more, then these tools are the ones you want. When you think heavy duty, your next thought is Milwaukee.
In business since 1924, the company has grown into a giant that produces heavy duty cordless and corded tools for the construction industry all over the world. The most popular power tools in their catalog include band saws and reciprocating saws, sanders and routers, hammer drills, driver drills and bench grinders.

Milwaukee Power Tools At Tool Gurus

The company continues to develop professional grade power tools for the construction trades to meet new challenges on the job site. They build the best power tools in the industry for the toughest jobs as well as for medium level tradesmen jobs. One excellent innovation for the electric power hammers is the anti-vibration technique that they have developed. It absorbs vibrations that keep the operator on the job with less fatigue, and it also helps your tool last longer.
In the corded saw group, the circular saws feature a high level of comfort. One aspect that makes them easy to use and also increases safety is the electric brake that stops the blade, a feature that the company invented and patented. The group also includes band saws, miter and metal cutting saws, jigs and panel saws. For corded drills, you can find pistol grip drills, Hole Hawgs, right angle drills, D-Handles, and other specialty drills. Milwaukee has stayed on top of construction needs and requirements, recognizing that certain jobs require a specific tool and they have developed it. Their patented Sawzall is a legend in the construction industry as anyone who has used it can attest. All of their reciprocal saws provide excellent power-to-weight balance that makes them lightweight and easy to maneuver.
For woodworking craftsmen, the routers offer soft grips on the handles that increase both comfort and safety. With so much torque in a confined unit, these features have great value for the woodworker. You can find models that allow you to move the handles to several different positions to find one that suits you the best. Power and precision, coupled with excellent control capability, make the Milwaukee routers the best in the business.
Milwaukee is one of the most respected manufacturers of power tools in the world. When you invest in one of their quality tools, you can expect the best performance from it. You know that it will start and finish the job with you, that it feels good in your hands, and that it does its part to help you save time. If you have not used these tools before now, then you have a wonderful experience coming as you learn what a difference they can make to you on the job. Or you may already know why knowledgeable craftsmen choose these tools. The price range makes the tools available for the beginner and the expert. The tools are crafted by experts who have designed the most effective tools for you. Make your job easier when you choose the right tool for the job. Milwaukee provides the right tools at the right price.

milwaukee power tools