Norbar Wrenches

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If you are looking for quality torgue tools and services, look no further than Norbar. This English Torque tool and service company has been serving the world since 1942 when the company was founded by Bill Brodey to manufacture the first torque wrench in the UK. This tool was needed to accurately tighten the gasket-less cylinder head of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine being manufactured at that time. The company has been expanding its line of tools and services every since so that it serves 4 continents around the world and is the leading torque specialist in the world. They concentrate on being the best in this field with their large factories devoted to the design and manufacture of torque equipment and tools using the latest technology and environmentally friendly methods.

Norbar has been offering torque tool and instrument calibration and tool recalibration services up to the original factory standard exclusively for many years. Their services are available in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. Most of their distributors around the world offer repair, calibration and recalibration services and many have accreditation by local standards organizations. These are torgue equipment, tool and service suppliers you can really trust to furnish the best equipment and services

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As well as furnishing great equipment and services, Norbar strives to be community oriented and environmentally friendly in areas they are located. With little fanfare, they give time and money to community projects where they are located. Norbar was awarded the Community Involvement Award by the South East England Development Agency at the Sustainable Business Awards in 2006. It supports local school spots teams and offers mentoring for school projects. Norbar is intent on lowering CO2 emissions and offsetting the remaining ones with funding projects like reforesting and renewable energy projects in countries like Peru. Employees are asked to pursue their company objectives in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible.

Norbar manufactures quality products like calibration equipment, powered multipliers, hand torque multipliers, torque measurement equipment, torque wrenches of all sizes, ultrasonic bolt measurement devices and torque instruments for services in calibration and recalibration. They also supply how to videos, catalogs and handbooks for all their products and services. Customer service is of high quality and importance to Norbar, because 80% of their business is from repeat customers who are satisfied with their quality tools, equipment and services. By keeping their focus on torque equipment, this family owned business has been able to keep the highest quality of tools, equipment and services in their world wide business.

The third generation of the family is now running Norbar in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, producing high quality tools and equipment in factories that are run with the health of the environment and employees in mind. Employees are well treated and stay with the company for an average of 11 years, many have been employed for over 20 years.. Happy, loyal employees and good manufacturing processes make for high quality and customer satisfaction. This is a company to depend on now and in the future.