PSF Footwear

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If you or anyone works in an industry that uses power tools and heavy equipment, you need to be very safety-minded. This applies not only to the tools that you use, but also to the footwear that you choose to wear. PSF has the footwear to keep you protected while on the job or even at home in the workshop.

No one goes to work with power tools while wearing sandals or plain trainers. They need protective footwear to keep them safe and yet comfortable. PSF has that kind of footwear. Not only is their footwear great for the job, it also has an attractive look while protecting the feet.

The safety boots have a high leg, are leather, waterproof, breathable and lightweight all at the same time. The steel midsole and antistatic features give more safety to these boots especially if you are working with electrical equipment. There are many varieties of these high boots to choose from and they come in either black or tan.

The ankle-high boots are also equipped with the rubber nitrile sole, a steel midsole and are antistatic. Depending upon the kind of work that you do, there are even boots that have a non-metal composite toecap and midsole instead of the steel.

PSF Footwear From Tool Guru

If your work doesn't require wearing boots, you still can wear trainers. However, these PSF trainers are safety trainers. They have many of the same features as the PSF boots including a steel midsole, non-metal toecap, and are antistatic. They also have cemented construction, a duel density polyurethane sole, a lightweight rubber sole, or an anti-clogging sole. Most of them are available in black with some in grey or navy.

Chukkas are also a wonderful choice for safety footwear, and PSF has designed several pair. All of them have a very comfortable padded collar and tongue with water resistant leather uppers and many of the same features as the boots.

The glass industry is also a dangerous place to be without the proper footwear. PSF is ready with shoes that are cut resistant because of their reinforced interlayer. This is the footwear to have just in case of an accident with glass.

PSF stands for Progressive Safety Footwear and the worker who goes to his work without this footwear is taking a chance. With so many accidents waiting to happen, there is no reason for that worker not to protect his feet.