01441 Oak Wooden Work Bench

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The SIP 01441 oak wooden work bench is an updated take on the time-honored woodworking bench which is incredibly durable thanks to the high quality oak and the careful craftsmanship with which it is constructed. A professional quality oak wooden work bench for the home workshop or smaller commercial woodworking shop, the SIP 01441 provides woodworking enthusiasts and professionals with all of the features they're looking for in a workbench.

The first thing you'll notice about the bench is its design. It's been designed with convenience in mind, with a single storage drawer set waist-high to provide quick and easy access to tools without having to stoop or walk away from the work area. Two built-in vices are included, as well as four holding pegs, eliminating the need for separate vices to provide a grip on your project. The SIP 01441 offers ample additional storage, with a full length shelf for storing large items underneath the work surface.

There's plenty of room to work on the oak work bench as well; it's 1350 x 500 mm work surface is ample enough for virtually any small or medium sized woodworking project without taking up too much space in the home, garage or workshop. With a height of 865 mm and weighing just 30 kg (60 lbs), it's small and lightweight enough to move easily, but more than sturdy enough to stand up to the demands of the hobbyist or professional woodworker's shop.

This is a workbench which stands head and shoulders above many competing models. Its high quality construction, ergonomically conscious design and integrated vices are all features which make this workbench an excellent choice.

The SIP 01441's combination of a generously sized workspace along with a compact profile which fits easily into any home or professional workshop have also endeared this workbench to many home hobbyists and earned praise from professional woodworkers.

When you consider these features along with this model's built in storage to help keep the workshop organized and uncluttered, it's easy to see why the SIP 01441 oak wooden work bench is an investment anyone who works with wood should consider making.