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When looking for power tools in the UK, it is important to pick a company that has the experience and the knowledge to offer you quality tools – and a great price. Quality of tools is a must-have because when a power tool malfunctions, it can be dangerous, expensive – or both. Pricing is also a consideration, because racking up power tools and their accessories can get quite spendy very quickly. SIP Power Tools has your solution. SIP has a large inventory and sells a wide variety of power tools for heavy duty shop work. Additionally, SIP has accessories, spare parts and complementary items at great prices. The added benefit is that you only have to go to one place to find your perfect power tool and the parts you need to keep it going.
When working with heavy duty materials, both professional and hobbyist know that getting the right power tools saves time and allows peace of mind with a lower probability of accidents. Also buying one tool that serves many different functions saves money and time. SIP sells tools for woodworking, metal shops, air compression, welding, power washing, and pumps. Finding a good stock of power tools to add to your shop has never been easier.

SIP High Quality Tools From Tool Gurus

For working with wood, SIP has great power tools that fill most of your needs to get the job done quickly and safely. SIP has an assortment of table saws, power saws, drills and sanders, as an example. SIP has a belt sander that features a tilting sanding disk, a tilting sanding belt, two adjustable sanding tables and a miter guide. It also has a two-year warranty.
For your metal shop, SIP does not skimp on the types of quality power tools it offers its customers. There are metal cutting band saws that can swivel so that you can cut at different angles. There are also power drills for metal shops; some have adjustable speeds and heights for extra usability. SIP also supplies accessories such as pedestals, blades, belts, and discs.
For your air compression needs, there are several options available, including direct drive compressors, belt drive compressors and petrol compressors. Most come with air accessories and warranties. Some even come with wheel kits for added mobility and convenience.
SIP features great welding power tools and accessories. Arc welding, mig welding, inverter welders, plasma cutters and accessories are available to experienced welders for their jobs. For example, arc welders are available in different sizes and capacities and some are fully portable. Warranties are included to back up your purchase.


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