Snickers Workwear

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Snickers are a popular and durable line of work clothes. Those in the US would probably think first of the famous candy bar.

Snickers workwear was originated in Sweden right at the beginning of our new century. This brand covers the worker from head to toe in protection from an every day job that mainly involves using power tools. Snickers can be purchased online and the company is famous for being fast, reliable and professional.

Snickers sells several kinds of kneepads to protect those knees from injury while using a power tool on the job. They sell two types of braces, one for heavy duty and one for lighter loads to make it easier and safer to carry equipment and tools.

The Snickers belts are made of elastic with a silver buckle. Not only are these belts top quality, comfortable, but they also are stylish and modern in appearance. There are even colour choices of black, grey and navy blue. Other types of clothing include beanies, caps, and socks for the accessories. Snickers also carries work gloves, jackets, rainwear, warm fleeces, shirts, and those much needed thermals for the cold weather outside. These thermals all have an active vaporize system to keep the body warm and also dry. Trousers are also available with many cargo pockets and extra knee protection.

Even the First Layer Briefs are made in a special way for the workmen. They are made with a natural anti-odour treatment, fabric that dries quickly, and can transport moisture and sweat away from the body. The waistband and material is highly stretchable for perfect comfort and durability all day on the job.

One great article of Snickers clothing is the Workwear Onepiece. This jumpsuit has holster pockets, knee protection and many other kinds of pockets to carry tools and other necessities while on the job.

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More practical Snickers products for the worker are the hammer holders and a duffel bag or back pack to carry the hammers and other tools that are needed. Tool belts are also a much needed item and with the two styles available all workmen will find the best one to fit his needs. There are also different types of tool pouches either to carry small tools and nails and the padded style for bulky and larger tools. There is even a pouch that can be worn to protect mobile phones that are inside.

Always a favourite with workmen are the toolvests. Snickers offers the Flexi and the Ultimate. Both are made to evenly distribute the load and are durable to hold those essential tools. They are styled so that the tools are easy to reach while on the job. The many pockets are there to hold mobile phones and even notebooks.

Much of the workwear also comes in high visibility colours such as bright orange or neon green. There are jackets, trousers, toolvests, shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts and work vests that come in these safety colours.

Not only are the Snickers clothing for men, they are also geared to the women who work with tools.

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