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In 1877, Laroy S. Starrett revolutionized the stonemasonry, woodworking and metalworking professions when he introduced the world to the combination square. This tool enabled persons in multiple professions to accurately measure and cut materials at 90-degree and 45-degree angles. Three years after inventing the combination square, Starrett formed the company that now bears his name. Today, that same company, known as the "World's Greatest Toolmaker," still produces quality products that enable professionals to do their jobs in a professional way.

Interestingly enough, Starrett tools and instruments continue to appeal to many of the same occupations as they did a century ago. Of course, since the combination square has long since been replaced by more sophisticated instruments, customers can choose from an expansive product selection. Starrett now produces and sells various saw blades, gauges and other instruments that net the company over $250 million annually. Hobbyists and construction workers also turn to Starrett for protractors, tape measures, levels and precision instruments as do manufacturers of durable goods. Durable goods are goods expected to last for multiple years. Good examples would include automobiles, home appliances, bricks, cellular phones and jewelry. Since people expect these items to last for at least three years or more, manufacturers must construct these items with ultimate care. Starrett precision and power tool components allow manufacturers and many other professionals to produce quality products.

Starrett Tools From Tool Gurus

In fact, Starrett's tools and accessories have proven so effective that the company has branched out into an entirely different clientele. Starrett's precision tools and instruments may now be found in such varied realms of expertise as electronics and exotic materials, aerospace and medicine. In the area of electronics and exotic materials, manufacturers use precision tools and instruments to work with items such as superconductors and semiconductors and to manipulate plastics, platinum, stainless steel, mercury and titanium. Aerospace uses Starrett's tools to make minute calculations when creating spacecraft that are reliable enough to launch, collect data and return safely to earth. In the world of medicine, optometrists often use Starrett tools to measure people's eyes in preparation for prescribing eyewear. Obviously, the Starrett brand has come a long way since 1880.

To keep up with a growing demand for Starrett products, this company has expanded its production base. While the original Starrett plant, based in Athol, MA, remains the primary location for producing precision tools, the company has a total of eight manufacturing centers worldwide. Of these eight, five are in the United States, and the other three are in the UK, Brazil and China.

Recognized as the "World's Greatest Toolmaker," Starrett continues to flourish and to expand its product line to appeal to an ever-widening circle of industries and professions. When Laroy S. Starrett gave his name to a fledgling business in Athol, MA, he never dreamed that this one manufacturing center would one day have extensions on multiple continents. With a legacy of quality that has spanned more than one hundred years, Starrett continues to be the gold standard for power and precision tools.