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Telesteps makes the highest quality adjustable ladders for the home owner and the professional tradesman available on the market today. Emphasis on versatility and convenience make them the ladder of choice for work that requires a safe and elevated work position. In different models that fit your specific requirements, these ladders let you accomplish your job efficiently. Popular features on the line of ladders include the lightness of the product and the way it folds down to a convenient carrying size.
With a weight of only 22 pounds, a Telesteps ladder is easy to pick up and take to your job of washing the windows around your house or cleaning your gutters. Professional maintenance workers, roof inspectors and contractors can throw the ladder in their truck along with other tools and start work immediately. The Model 1400T “Type 1” ladder safely holds a person who weighs up to 250 pounds. It extends from 28 inches to 10.5 feet when fully extended to provide the same climbing height that you get on a 14 foot extension ladder. The Model 1600 extends to 12.5 feet to provide the same height as a 16 foot extension. The professional line of ladders allows for individual weights up to 300 pounds with climbing heights equivalent to 18 feet.
The Combi ladder makes it easy to work on uneven surfaces and stairs because it forms a triangle shape with steps on both sides of the angle.

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The steps have a wider tread to ensure safety when the surfaces do not provide a solid and sure footing. The engineering design lets you add to the length as you move to the next higher level to adequately reach your work site.
Safety is the preeminent concern of everyone who uses a ladder, because ladder accidents cause injuries and a lot of lost work time. Thousands of people get injured in ladder falls every year and some accidents are fatal. Good engineering on these ladders ensures safety. Each time you extend a rung for length, you hear a confirming click to ensure that the ladder has secured the position. Telesteps engineers have provided a level of safety in ladder construction that is second to none, amd they deliver a quality product.
Until you get used to the proper way to fold down the ladder, just refer to the instructions that are printed on the side. Taking the ladder down and storing it correctly until the next use helps keep it in good working condition so it can provide the reliable support that you expect. With a length of only 30 inches when folded down, the ladder can fit in your truck and leave room for all of your other equipment.
Adjustable ladders are an essential tool for home owners and professional tradesmen, but they can be bulky and heavy to transport and set up. Telesteps ladders remove the difficulties sometimes associated with ladders by making them lightweight, reliable, and safe. Expert engineering has produced a product that reaches up to 18 feet but folds down to a little more than two feet. Choose a reliable ladder and stay safe.

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