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For those men and even women who use power tools either on the job or at home, only the best tools will be acceptable. One of the best brands of tools is Teng. Offering much more than 2,200 products from personal protection equipment, tool kits, socket sets, wrenches, accessories, impact tools, auto tools, gauges, screwdrivers and a lot more, Teng can supply you with all your tool needs. Before the tools are purchased and the project is started, the most important thing to take care of is personal safety. That's why Teng offers ear defenders and protective headwear. Power tools make a lot of noise, and ear defenders are perfect to help prevent any hearing loss. It's also practical and very smart to wear protective headwear to keep any accidents from happening and from anyone getting seriously injured by any screw, bolt or larger object flying through the air. Organization is the key for any project to be completed in an accurate and efficient manner. Teng can supply you with tool kits, trays, replacement cases for small tools, torque wrenches and impact drivers, plastic wallets and screwdrivers, socket sets, and measuring sets. When you have all your necessary tools located in a neat way and placed where they belong, it can even cut a project time in half. No one should be scrambling around trying to find what they need.

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For those who need to work with automotive tools, Teng has what you need. There is a range of specialist tools for the auto and all the newest technology is used in these tools. Teng has done extreme research throughout Europe with the end users who are professionals. These tools will cover braking, steering, transmission, engine, suspension, fuel and cooling systems and body working. Teng will meet all of your automotive tool needs. If your job involves any crimping and wire stripping, Teng has the tools for you. These service tools can join together multiple wires. The crimping tools can also be used for electronic and electric projects and it is much easier than soldering. The wire stripping tools are used to let the insulation and jacket of a wire to be removed and ready for crimping. Another service tool, the hand file, will ensure a smooth finish for any type of material work. A stud extractor can remove any screw, bolt or stud that has been stripped or broken without a problem. Along with the tools, there may be a need for the proper instruments such as tachometers, clamp meters, multimeters, microscopes, pocket lenses and others. Teng can also supply you with the proper measuring supplies in their tool measuring kit. These kits may include callipers, depth gauges, dial indicators, steel rules, squares, protractors, surface plates, gauge blocks, levels, micrometers and many others. Teng can offer you a total measuring solution with one of these kits or tools and can supply you with an answer to the easiest to the most comprehensive measuring equipment used in engineering today